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3 Surprising uses of CBD Butter

The cannabidiol (CBD) movement is growing quickly, and there are plenty of exciting new applications that this compound can be used in. One such application, which has been gaining ground lately, involves making CBD butter at home. That may sound difficult, but once you know the steps to take it’s really not so hard! If you want to start putting your own CBD butter together, here are three great uses of CBD butter that you may not have considered before.

CBD Butters Improve Skin

CBD butter

As we get older, our skin becomes less elastic and more prone to sagging. CBD butter can improve your skin by reducing redness and puffiness around your eyes while moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD butter can also relieve irritated and inflamed skin caused by psoriasis or eczema. However, you should consult with a doctor before using CBD butter on an open wound. Additionally, CBD butter has proven effective at easing pain related to arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.

I recommend CBD butter if you experience joint pain during exercise; it'll reduce inflammation while soothing tender muscles and ligaments. If nothing else, massaging CBD butter into sore joints is sure to make you feel better.

Finally, if you suffer from depression or anxiety that manifests in physical symptoms such as headaches or nausea then CBD butter may be an effective treatment for these common ailments—just make sure not to take them too late in the day because they can interfere with sleep quality.

Relieve Stress

CBD butter relieve stress

While you might expect that a soothing cup of coffee is all you need to stay calm, recent research suggests CBD butter (cannabidiol) could help as well. In one animal study, researchers injected cannabidiol into rats that were exposed to stressors.

Their stress levels decreased, and they had lower levels of blood glucose compared to rats that didn’t receive CBD. CBD has also been shown to reduce anxiety in humans in small-scale studies. Of course, we can’t guarantee that CBD will make you chill out—your mileage may vary.

But at least it can take some edge off while you try to find more effective ways to handle your anxiety. Not every drugstore carries CBD products; many require a doctor's prescription or have other eligibility requirements. Some are sold online through e-commerce sites such as Amazon or Overstock; others are available through local dispensaries or natural food stores.

Just be sure to check on CBD dosage restrictions—the concentration can vary depending on which type of CBD product you purchase. Also, note that CBD doesn't get you high. Although many people buy CBD for relief from minor aches and pains, especially without health insurance coverage, there aren't any FDA-approved treatments for long-term pain or medical problems associated with cannabis use.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is blowing smoke (sorry). That said, cannabis oil (also called hemp oil) often comes in handy when treating long-term chronic pain by increasing appetite if you don't want to consume dairy products like whey protein shakes or casein protein shakes.

CBD Butters Help You Sleep

CBD-infused butter helps you sleep by calming your mind and body. Most people reach for over-the-counter pills to fall asleep, but those medicines can leave you groggy in the morning. If you have trouble falling asleep naturally, try CBD butter before bedtime instead. It’s a healthy alternative to OTC medications.

You should see positive results within a few days as your body adjusts to hemp products. But keep using it every night until you don’t need it anymore. In other words, use CBD until it doesn’t work anymore. When that happens—don't change anything—you found what works best for your body.

That's how CBD is supposed to work; sometimes you take too much and doze off instantly, or one dose isn't enough. There are no hard-and-fast rules here; so adjust accordingly. This applies not only to CBD oil but all health supplements, including vitamins and minerals: Different bodies react differently to various substances! Keep at it until your end goal is reached.

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