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CBDfx - CBD Edibles - Broad Spectrum Gummies - Focus & Energy - 25mg

SKU: 7ea3939a

Gummies for Focus & Energy are formulated to give you a daily boost of laser-focused energy.** With wellness-boosting CBD, focus-heavy sharp PS, and energizing caffeine, they’re the perfect gummies to put some pep in every morning step. Try these CBD focus chews today and feel the difference!

Gummie Info:

  • 50mg broad spectrum CBD per serving (2 gummies)
  • 50mg phosphatidylserine (sharp P.S*) for laser focus
  • 50mg of energizing caffeine (roughly equal to an espresso shot)
  • 60 Gummies per Bottle
  • Delicious, natural blue raspberry flavor
  • Organic, vegan & non-GMO
  • ND-THC***

Lab Reports

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