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Get Rid of Your Chronic Pain With CBD Bath Bombs

According to the National Pain Foundation, nearly 100 million Americans are living with chronic pain. Of those people, approximately 15 million have daily pain that significantly interferes with their ability to function normally on a daily basis. For those who suffer from chronic pain, bath bombs that contain CBD can be incredibly effective at relieving the physical discomfort associated with their condition and improving the overall quality of their lives.

What are bath bombs?

cbd bath bombs

There are few things more relaxing than a nice, warm bath. But for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, getting into a tub can be terrifying because any shift in position or small bump can send waves of agony through your body.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative: bath bombs made with cannabidiol (CBD). These are a great way to relax and get rid of those aches and pains without actually getting in a bathtub. Plus, they’re fun and colorful.

Try making your own batch with these easy-to-follow directions. The instructions below make four bath bombs that smell like vanilla cake and carry 100 mg of CBD each. As always, don’t put them near eyes or open wounds—the oils used in bath bombs can cause irritation if you come into contact with them directly.

If you're not sure about whether it's safe to use a certain oil on your skin, always do a patch test first—that way you know if you have any allergies beforehand! Most importantly, enjoy yourself! When it comes to pain relief, it doesn't get much better than that.

What makes them so effective in relieving your pain?

To relaxCBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found in hemp oil that has been shown to relieve inflammation and chronic pain. Unlike THC, which causes psychoactive effects, CBD does not. Most people prefer bath bombs for home pain relief because it’s safe and natural with few side effects.

In fact, it doesn’t get you high at all—it just works! If you have questions about how bath bombs work to relieve your pain, please contact your physician before using them. Don’t suffer in silence; make your life more manageable with these powerful bath bombs. The benefits will speak for themselves and you won’t regret trying them out. Bath bombs are one of my favorite ways to experience pain relief, said one customer from Colorado Springs.

It's hard to describe how I feel after soaking in their exquisite bath oils—I'm usually relaxed, calm, and happy. Another fan from Cleveland added: Sometimes I would take hot baths just so I could try out new bath bomb recipes ... they always left me feeling relaxed.

Here's what else they had to say: Aurora, CO I love using bath bombs whenever I need some time alone or help to relax my muscles, said Aurora resident Ginny Brown.

What’s in a Bath Bomb?

Most bath bombs are made with some combination of Epsom salts, citric acid, baking soda, and water. Baking soda can also double as a deodorizer, which makes these bombs especially great for those who have sensitivities to strong smells. They’re typically colored with food-grade dye—meaning they’re body safe and can be used to give baths to kids.

Because no actual oils or ingredients are listed on most labels (here’s a breakdown of what your fave bath bomb has inside), you can use any essential oil blend that suits your mood and skin type to turn any old bath into an aromatherapy session.

Some brands add essential oils straight into their bath bombs so all you have to do is pour it under running water. But others require that you simply drop some drops of desired oils onto a bath bomb before dropping it into your tub. This means less work for you but might result in less therapeutic benefit from their choice of essential oils.

To make things even easier, check out our collection! We’ve got everything from energizing citrus blends like Orange + Lemon + Lavender to spa day favorites like Rose + YlangYlang + Vanilla. There are sweet choices too – like Caramel Macchiato or Candy Corn – if getting fresh from bath just isn't enough.

How Do I Use Them to Fight My Pain?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, it can be hard to come up with a solution that fits your needs. This is because everybody and the mind are different; finding relief will require experimentation and patience.

There are lots of ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine—here’s how I use them to fight my pain: When I have an intense migraine or headache, I get in a warm bath and dissolve a few drops under running water. Once they’ve dissolved completely, I put my head over the bathtub faucet and let it run through my hair—the spray helps deliver as much of the oil as possible directly to my scalp for maximum absorption.

It feels great, especially if I keep my eyes closed while rinsing out! For overall stress and tension, I mix lavender-infused bath bombs into a hot bath and soak for at least 20 minutes (sometimes more if things are really rough).

Afterward, getting out of bed seems like less of an ordeal. It might not be as powerful as pharmaceuticals—and it may take some experimentation on your part to find what works best—but CBD bath bombs offer a simple way to add anti-inflammatory powers to your wellness routine without any adverse side effects. No prescription is required.

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